We are going to need quite a bit of information to get started on your project.
Please make sure you have everything on the list provided before filling it out.

  1. Contact Information for the website
  2. Logo
  3. Font choices (there are links provided if you don’t already know)
  4. Color palette (there is a link to create a new color palette)(my suggestion 3 bold colors and 2 neutral)
  5. Page titles for menu
  6. Tagline if you want it
  7. Homepage content
  8. Short bio
  9. List of services
  10. Mission/Vision 
  11. Full bio and headshot or in action pictures
  12. Blog post and an image for that blog post
  13. Contact form fields
  14. Social feed login either Facebook or Instagram
  15. Hours or anything you want displayed in the footer

Website Content

1 Basic Information
2 Fonts
3 Color Palette
4 Home Page
5 About Page
6 Services Page
7 Blog Page
8 Contact Page
9 Footer Information